Weed and drank is all the company I need

A few books and a few ideas that need to turn into things

Just chilling minding my business sitting back to listen

picking up on tips for a business

In solitude I escape to my madness instead I write it on a page hopefully but afraid....but

relieved to let go and open up to those who listen and relate to my words pain....

my heart is on the page no longer on my sleeve here for you to touch a read

In solitude... I escape from this world but only for a moment

If I could stay in my head forever..... would I love it there or still long for something more

In solitude I think

I imagine

I breathe

in peace

So is being alone such a bad thing


Space is supposed to be shared with new and exciting things

So in solitude I teach those who want too how to love me

In solitude I provoked change in my mind and soul

We can’t move if we are not in motion

In solitude I manifest an dream of all the things life has offer and bring only positivity towards me

In solitude Weed and drank is all the company I need not all the time but it does help me proceed just a temporary fix to help me bleed my emotions on this page for you to read and relate.....

In solitude what can you create?

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