Going With The Flow

Love is fluid

you can’t mold it into what you want

you have to ride the wave follow the current

go with the flow

its not always easy

it can be very ugly at times

It can destroy



Friendships and individual people

But it could also heal them as well

Help them grow and flourish with beauty

Like a garden of flowers well watered

Enough sun to show them which way is up

Deeply rooted in the ground

Love is a feeling that you can’t explain

It has no reason to find you but it will

Dragging you along with it’s ups and downs

Like a Mary go round slow but fun

Already ready for another ride

Love is a game we all are playing even if we don’t know it sometimes we win sometimes we lose but we all learn from it and create a new strategy

Are you willing to play the game to enjoy this ride of the unknown

ready to risk it all for the sake of love a chance of pure happiness and serenity

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