High Intentions(XXX)

As I take in this gassed up air

Looking at these left over dubies

I lean towards you with lust in my eyes

I kiss you heavily breathing hands ready to feel every inch of your love it's crazy how you make me feel ....... like ion even remember how we got here cuz I’m so high high off of your love and all I can think about is your touch i lay back ever so slowly ass you climb on top of me my heart rate increased body tingling as you kiss my neck down to my navel as your hand comes down my stomach to the button on my jeans I slowly lift up revealing my red lace g string.......

As we laugh at you struggle to get my jeans off.....we finally get them off you rub your hand up and down my leg it kinda tickles I lift up and kiss you biting your soft lips slowly pulling my head back looking you in your eyes ... You then pull me close and hold me I choke you a little and lick your neck while my other hand slowly lifts up your shirt and takes it off you lay me back and unbutton my shirt as each button opens you gently kiss the exposed skin finally I'm undress and I realize you still have your pants on I push you on your back and pull off your pants

Then I hop on top of you and kiss you aggressively you tell me to chill because it's really turning you on you smack and grab my ass rub your hands down my back pick me up by my waist and throw me on my back you say it's time to please my baby you pull my panties to the side and begin to lick my pussy I throw my head back an arch my back because you really start going in I feel my legs start to shake I try to push your head away but you wrap your hands around my thighs so in can't go anywhere I can't handle it anymore more I cum and you pick up the speed which makes me cum more I say I hate you but you know what I really mean you look up at me and say my turn I’m happy to return the favor because I'm about to snatch your soul for doing me like that

I lick from bottom to top to get it wet

I kiss the head and slowly go all the way down deep throating yo shit while I wiggle my tongue a little bit and come back up I look up at you and start picking up the speed after awhile I two hand yo shit you say oh fuck slow down but I'm not listening you snatch my head and kiss me the you whisper in my ear and say get on top i put it in it makes me moan because it so big I start grinding a little bit and push it all the way in then i lean back to keep myself up so I can work for my nut

You then lay me on my back pin my hands above head and make me hold the headboard

You tell me don't move you stroke me slowly but pounding me towards the end making me moan each thrust I move a little bit and you stop you say I told you not to move you pull out and tell me to beg a little I say please put it back in and stop playing with me daddy you wait a few seconds then put it back in and pound me shit it's getting harder an harder not to move I can't take it anymore I move my hands from the headboard I have to touch you feel your body in my hands trying to pull you closer make you go deeper and deeper my pussy is swallowing your dick taking in every inch I can't believe how wet I am

I whisper in your ear I want it from the back you pull out and flip me over putting my chest on the bed I tell you to look in the dresser you get up and reach in the top drawer of the night stand you pull out red fluffy and cuffs and you handcuff my hands behind my back you eat my pussy from the back I can barely keep myself up as soon as my legs start to shake you stop and quickly put it in I nearly fall flat but you pull me back up and say you not running all ready are you I say no but I'm lying to myself... between the

sound my pussy making an you pounding my shit it's driving me crazy I'm yelling every cuz word in the book you talking shit telling me to take daddy dick and to stop running

I fall flat on my stomach but that doesn't stop you..... you keep going I'm throwing it back you moving in circles you driving me crazy you turn me on my side grabbing my leg holding it in place as you choke me it makes me even more wet and I cum... in my head I'm like damn he ain't came yet... my hands are still cuff so my body is your toy and your not holding back you stop to uncuff me and make me get back on top my pussy is throbbing but I still need more I start off slowly teasing you moving up and down I pick up the speed bounce on your shit I'm working for that nut you squeezing my hips telling me to chill I'm not listening I choke you a little and hearing you moan is just making me go faster harder deeper your about to cum and you push me off you I fall on my back you put it back in and you cum inside me

you hold me tight pulling me closer...you hold me and say... ROUND TWO

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