Later That Night❣️(XXX)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

We been cuddling for a good minute now and i really want some more dick im really trying to behave myself but I can’t Like i want more and you about to give it to me

I start to rubbing on ya dick real soft and slow teasing you as I slowly place my fingers around yo neck you move a little bit and you look at me but don’t say anything( so ik that mean you ready) I climb on top of you and tilt your head back so I can start to kiss and lick on ya neck

I wrap one hand around you neck and use the other to pull on your shorts (im still wet from before I can feel it) I kiss you softly biting on you lip just a little bit you moan and it makes me even more wet(why do you drive me crazy) I pull my panties to the side and slowly sit on your dick we moan as you enter me because it feels so good I slowly start to move up down then eventually pick up the speed I move my hips in a circler motion because ik it drives you crazy you smack my ass and tell me to work for my nut before I fuck you.....

you proceed to put me in a cockhold so I can’t run between not being able to move and you pounding my shit it’s driving my pussy crazy im trying to say your name but I can’t because I keep cumin but you don’t care you throw me on my back and press my legs against my chest and start to lick and suck on my pussy I can’t help but to say damn .......why you do my like that you look up and say it’s only right i try to grab your head and you smack my hand and tell me to move im not finished yet .....

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